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IQ Web Detailed Instructions

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ATTENTION! Before registering for any classes you must be authorized to register by seeing your advisor and not have any holds on your account.
To Register for a Class:

  1. Go to Enter username and password or click on Get Username or Forgot Password. Log in.
  2. Click the IQWeb link under my Accounts in the left column.
  3. Notice the student name just to the right of the left column (frame)
  4. Look at top of Blue Column on Left – make sure it says “LSUA Student” if not, click on the Change Roles link or the face at the top of the column and select “LSUA Student”
  5. Under the Courses section – click “Online Registration"
  6. Click the Go Button button next to the semester you want to register for. Your advisor must have authorized you to register in order to go past this point.
  7. Click the Course Search link to get started Course Search Button
  8. Enter some criteria and click Search Button See (Tips to find course sections below)
  9. Click Add to Cart Add to Cart
  10. Read instructions, then click Close This Window
  11. Click New Search or Refine Search [Repeat steps 7 – 11 until all courses have been selected]
  12. Click Back to Registration Back to Registration
  13. Scroll to Shopping Cart Contents; verify checkmarks are in the box next to each class you would like to add to your schedule.
  14. Click Process
  15. Note any errors and make adjustments as needed. If you have errors, you may need to repeat steps
    12 – 15. Once you have completed your schedule, click Finalize Schedule

To Drop a Class:

  1. During the registration period (including the drop/add period) students can drop classes on their own.
  2. Click Online Registration
  3. Click Go Button next to the semester
  4. Put a check in the box next to the course you wish to drop
  5. Click Process

To Empty Shopping Cart:

  1. Click Online Registration
  2. Select the semester
  3. Scroll to the shopping cart section of the page
  4. Click Empty Cart

Tips to Finding Course Sections

  • Click on Find Course Sections: Put in as much information as you wish to pull up courses that meet your criteria. The more information you put in, the smaller the list will be. % can be used as a wildcard (if you don’t know how many characters are included), _ (underscore) can be used for a single character
  • Examples:
    To find all 3000 level classes, click in the Course box and enter “%3___” (Percent, #3, then 3 _ underscores with no spaces)
    To find all Tues Thurs classes that start after 10:00,
    1. click on the Advanced Search tab,
    2. under scheduling, use the drop down menu next to Meeting: to choose Tues Thurs
    3. use the first drop down menu next to Start Time: to choose the time
    4. use the 2nd drop down to change from “EXACT” to “or AFTER”
    5. If you are looking for an English class on these days, add ENGL in the course box on the advanced search tab.
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